Ed Cuffe - Founder/Owner/Producer

As a young man, Ed found himself promoted to managerial or ownership positions in every job he ever held. So when he began setting up his own companies, he already knew how to bring together the right people and raw materials, gather information, secure financing, and turn out a first-class product. His businesses thrived and in 2004, Ed found himself in a position to pursue his childhood passion for filmmaking. He quickly acquired an agent and acting jobs in both television and feature films.

Inspired by both the strengths and weaknesses of the scripts he worked with, Ed wrote Say Your Prayers, a feature-length script about a forensics cop trying to overcome his nightmarish upbringing. The script garnered him immediate attention and the opportunity to produce several films.

In 2013, along with Michael Reuten, Ed started Cufflink Productions with an eye toward creating feature films in a variety of genres. In less than two years, he oversaw the development, production, post production, and marketing of Cufflink’s first feature, A Place in Hell, which was released on February 16th, 2016. Since Ed has hands-on experience with every phase of filmmaking, from pitches to first drafts, development meetings, fund raising, business plans, managing schedules, and post-production crises, he is uniquely qualified to make sure a movie will be completed as envisioned and marketed properly. And since he was one of nine siblings in a scrappy Irish-American family, he’s got what it takes to make Cufflink stand out in a crowd.


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