A Place in Hell (2016)

A disgraced detective on the trail of a serial killer and a group of student filmmakers cross paths at a Halloween fright farm
in the dead of winter.

A new film from Writer/Director David Boorboor comes this pulse-pounding psychological, thriller/horror/comedy set in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Produced by Cufflink Productions, LLC in association with Frame Level Films and Don't Go There Productions.

Set on a Halloween fright farm in the New Jersey countryside, this psychological thriller follows Nicole Hart and a group of film students as they shoot a Horror movie for their final grade. Meanwhile, Detective John McInnis struggles to find redemption while consumed by his 5 year obsession to catch a notorious serial killer. When a winter storm blankets the countryside, and the killer seeks refuge, the students quickly realize they are not alone.


IndustryWorks Pictures for US and International - Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada for Canada Home Video - Synkronized for USA

Noree Victoria, Lewis Smith, Atif Lanier, Caroline Elizabeth, Danny Donnelly, Brandon Essig, Krista Robelle,
Brooke Storms, Ed Cuffe, Michael Voight, Brian Anthony Wilson, and Chris Mann.


·       A PLACE IN HELL is inspired by a real serial killer arrested in Philadelphia in the 80s; He is incarcerated in Pennsylvania to this day; He was known as The Corpse Collector.

·       A PLACE IN HELL was primarily shot on location at Creamy Acres Night of Terror Fright Farm in Mullica Hill, NJ. This fright farm has been named one of the country’s top Halloween haunts. No other production has ever received permission to shoot there.

·       McInnes is played by Lewis Smith, who has the distinction of being “Perfect Tommy” in the 80s cult classic The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.

·       Noree Victoria, who plays Nicole Hart,  was “Shilah” in John Pogue’s Quarantine 2: Terminal; She almost made it out alive … In addition, Noree played Liz in Nicholas Spark’s film The Choice.